Self Titled EP

by No Island

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released December 9, 2011



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No Island Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: End It
what sense is there in grieving?
the commitment was a lie.
the bedroom flawed.
the candle is dimmed,
skin still cracked,
no heartache.
no dimming spark.
it didn't hurt.
Track Name: Some Appetite
chew off my leg like a dog in a snare.
i swallow intentions, i devour desire.
i'm never content,
i never get bored of swallowing my young,
let the rats take their fucking bones.
i hate myself.
i'm never content,
i never get bored of shovelling depression down my throat.
i idly debase myself.
i'm never content, i never get bored.
idle, waiting to die.
i'm never content, i never get bored.
Track Name: Fallow Years
i like to drink.
i like to fuck.
i like to pick girls with self esteem issues up.
i like to sneak across this slick dancefloor
with a pocket full of romance
and a fist full of vague assurances
and flimsy promises
and compliments
and winning smiles.
i like to see that spark die in your eyes.
i like to tell you everything you've ever wanted to hear.
i like to hurt.
no life, the corpse over the animus.
taking my twenties,
taking my thirties,
forsaking forgiveness
tearing at myself for lying blameless.
not sight, not fragile touch,
no words can wash this sin from me.
and so i spend every night on my own,
clenched and afraid to open the door.
Track Name: Cheap Rent
don't blink,
your pictures are dust,
these walls were never really ours.
subsidance, cracks in the corner stone,
this house was never really ours.
i stretched my hopes through these halls,
blinding myself for a place of our own,
divided we stand, always alone.
this house was never ours.
a structure condemned, torn down.
Track Name: Smoker's Cough
i saw you silhouetted in the door.
your body reeks of satisfaction.
bitter on my skin,
pressed against me like a fucking corpse.
don't kid yourself, what love lives in this exhausted coil?
take a breath, ragged, torn.