Let Glasgow Perish

by No Island

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released November 16, 2012



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No Island Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Let Glasgow Perish
i wake up with a thirst for an old feud,
old face,
old stories,
old lies by the end.
i scar myself like a map, each contour unending.
lines worn deep, fire and peat in the dark.
i never found lights comforting, nothing there.
pale in the glare.
rot, repeat, a cursed fucking life.
and so i sink back in the dark,
the earth draws me to its womb.
the drink and the axe.
the grain.
the spark.
creased and depraved,
appraise your fucking life then throw it away.
Track Name: Hardcore Burden
dry your feet and wipe the ink from your wrists,
your explanation was heaven sent.
strip your morals to the bone.
fuck your acceptance,
my body is my own.
i'll lie in sin if i want.
fuck sexual conventions.
this cancer entombs.
this cancer erodes.
Track Name: Old Country
i am a shallow grave.
slicing dark peat, you wrapped your church up in a flag,
and sacrificed it to disease.
buoyed by bitter, anxious thoughts, buried slights,
you built monuments to martyrs with our ashes.
we’re digging all our lives.
you taste of a low tide.
you stink of decay.
your churches lie empty.
your god is depressed.
the old language has fallen.
your dark hills are broken.
the wheel is not turning.
the green grass is scalded.
Track Name: Exhumed
let my body descend.
Track Name: Lotus Eater
the dogs circle, the teeth and the eyes.
the canvas of youth, blank, bleached and despised.
empty as an iris.
as a sin.
the light dies, dulled and warm in suffocation.
gather in, the circle becomes the ring.
bruised eyelids separate, from vile acts,
from savagery,
from flattered arms fumbling in ecstasy.
the form was empty, the pit was false.
every time i try i get this ache in my bones,
i've tasted ink and i'm bored of it
this body is broke.
Track Name: Judas
crushing slowly, the green and the black.
the lies on my neck.
clawing at myself in frustration and emptiness.
exposed and uncurled.
always deaf, always mute, always blind.
weighed down with promises, expectations and greed.
these chains bind me like love till my body shakes.
the undertow takes me.
always deaf, always mute, always blind.

crawling over each other in our apathy.
i'm sick of feeling empty, so let the world open and swallow me.
clutch metal in our palms till they bleed.
the wound opens.
no peace till we bleed.